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"What Is The BEST

Anti-Aging Hormone?"

This short report will change your life because it's going to reveal the #1 Anti Aging hormone and how to use it. Before I tell you the secret of the best anti-aging hormone, let me ask you two questions.

Do you want to stay young, trim and fit?

Do you want to STOP or SLOW DOWN the AGING process immediately?

If you answered YES to either or both of those questions, keep reading.

Human growth hormone (HGH) has a bad reputation because of its frequent abuse by athletes, but if you want to STOP or SLOW DOWN the aging process, you need it and I'm going to share a couple of secrets you might want to know about.

Most people think that if they supplement with a hormone like HGH that they will turn into someone like Andre the Giant. This was a wrestler that had a massive structure.


HGH can keep you looking and feeling young, trim and fit, well into what people consider to be the years of old age. I don't know about you but have you ever noticed that some people age gracefully. Others look all haggard and worn out, while others look more distinguished and even more beautiful.

Well now I'm going to reveal a secret about HGH that a lot of people don't know about.

Children are loaded with HGH. It is the hormone that promotes growth during childhood, but by the time you reach the age of thirty, your levels of HGH have declined to about 20 percent of their childhood peak.

This Is Where Aging Really Takes Off!

At this stage in your life, (age 30) your body is no longer able to 'repair all the damage' that is occurring and the aging process continues to accelerate. This is what happens to most people. They get to this point in their life … then blame everything on aging. It's actually their fault because they are NOT taking care of themselves.

So What Do You Do?

You get the right information and start doing what's best for your body.

Let's go over where HGH comes from.

HGH is released by your pituitary gland and is beneficial for your:

· Brain

· Cardiovascular system

· Immune system

· Aerobic capacity of your blood and tissue

· Body and bone composition

so it's really important to everything that has to do with your health.

Then it enters your blood stream in bursts during your sleep, especially the deep sleep that occurs after midnight.


It's also produced during exercise 'provided the exercise is done on an empty stomach'. That is a HUGE SECRET, so make a special note of that. Always exercise on an empty stomach if you want to produce more HGH. ( I suggest using the HGH crèmes 30 minutes prior to exercising for maximum effectiveness.)

HGH also stimulates cell production and growth. It's responsible for cellular rejuvenation, and here's something you need to understand about that. When you have low levels of HGH, it leads to premature aging. And you know what, MOST people, including you have low levels of HGH.

Did you get that?

This is the primary reason for keeping your HGH levels at a high to normal level…to reduce the effects of aging.

If you're not supplementing with HGH, and using a crème version, you're aging prematurely because you don't have enough HGH to rejuvenate your cells properly.

It's kind of like taking your car to a body and paint shop every three years. If you do it every three years, your car looks and feels great forever. If you don't, it ages and rusts. The same is true with your body.

So what about symptoms?

What Are The Symptoms of a Low HGH Level?

Some of the major symptoms of HGH deficiency are:

  1. wrinkled or sagging skin
  2. thinning bones
  3. loss of muscle strength
  4. accumulation of body fat
  5. decreased heart function
  6. lowered immunity
  7. thinning hair
  8. decreased stamina and vigor
  9. depression
  10. anxiety and
  11. fatigue

Here's something most people don't know. HGH is great for weight control and re-contouring the body with loss of belly fat, the area associated with increased risk of heart attack and diabetes.

A study of overweight women on HGH found a loss of more than 4.6 pounds of fat, mostly in the abdomen while lean body mass increased.

28,000 Studies Prove The Fountain Of Youth Is REAL!

More than twenty-eight thousand studies on the HGH hormone have shown that supplementation with HGH is the closest thing we have to a 'fountain of youth'.

Typically, HGH replacement should begin around age 30. In older people, say someone over 50, HGH replacement can reverse signs of aging by 5 to 15 percent per year or more.

This is why, once you start the anti-aging process with HGH, you should continue. Using an HGH crème is not something you do on a whim. This is not something you start and then quit. You're either in or out if you want to see the aging process stopped.

There is no other single therapy that can have the impact on the aging body that HGH does. In addition to reducing excess body fat, particularly abdominal fat, and increasing muscle mass, HGH can:

· reduce wrinkling

· restore internal organs that have atrophied with age

· increase bone density

· reverse cognitive deterioration

· strengthen the immune system

· stimulate bone marrow cell production resulting in more red blood cells

· and reduce the chances of a nursing home as your end destination.

HGH is now available in crème form.

But don't forget, HGH is also sold by prescription, and prescriptions are difficult to get since the FDA doesn't seem to want fit and healthy old people around so this HGH crème is the natural alternative.


Most people supplementing with HGH prescriptions spend about $700 a month on the HGH hormone and inject it themselves once a day. This is not any fun, and it is a terrible way to supplement HGH for yourself.

I like using the crèmes. People that do it this way find it to be a very worthwhile investment in their health. HGH also stimulates your immune system.

All I can say is this. HGH is a tremendous immune system booster and conveys a wealth of health benefits. As with all the hormones, the goal is to attain a physiological level, meaning that you want to restore the level your body made naturally when it was at its peak.

You don't have to be an extreme exercise fanatic (check bodybuilder) to experience the benefits of natural growth hormone release.

Homeopathic supplementation crèmes are the best way to go.

Low-dose homeopathic supplementation is 100% safe and 1000% more affordable then the high-dose injectable form of HGH.

Homeopathic HGH is as gentle as it is powerful in its ability to stimulate your metabolic function. 

Homeopathies use tiny amounts of a substance which encourage the body to bring itself into balance and this is what the crèmes from West Coast Anti Aging are all about.

These crèmes are available at: http://www.drkadenantiaging.com

Frank E. Kaden, D.C.

1921 Artesia Blvd.

Redondo Beach, CA 90278