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Testosterone Cream, Can Women Use It?

Test_for_Women.JPGIf you are a woman with a low or non-existent sex drive, you might want to think about using our topical testosterone cream from West Coast.

Women normally have estrogen, progesterone and testosterone circulating in their blood streams. As you age though, hormone levels decline.

A Drop in Testosterone Levels

can result in…

a Loss of Libido.

Testosterone is a male hormone that when applied topically in a cream to a woman's skin - can improve low libido.

The odorless cream containing testosterone is a low-dose, all natural homeopathic formula.

How Do I Use It?

Take two small units of West Coast testosterone cream onto your finger. (Recommended dosages for topical creams: "fingertip" units.)

Apply testosterone cream to clean skin the same time each day. The most convenient time for many women is right after their daily shower. Massage the testosterone cream into the skin on the inside of one arm or on the skin of an outer thigh.

Continue massaging the testosterone cream into your skin until it is fully absorbed. Testosterone cream usually dissolves within 60 seconds when massaged into the skin.

While there are some creams for women that are marketed to enhance sexual desire, increase pleasure and raise libido after application to the genital area, testosterone creams do not work in this manner.

In fact, never apply a testosterone cream to your genitals. Testosterone creams are readily absorbed into the skin, slowly raising testosterone levels over time. Applying testosterone cream to the genitals does not speed up the process.

We have the best creams available to enhance your hormone levels. Ask us about getting your 30 day supply now!

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