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Low Growth Hormone (GH) Levels During Adolescence -Speed- Memory Loss In Old Age


Short term memory loss, commonly known as having a 'senior moment is a significant problem in older adults.

A study on rats from Wake Forest University School of Medicine found that animals with low levels of 'growth hormone' during adolescence, had a higher risk of memory loss during old age.

Animals given supplemental growth hormone when they were young performed better on tests on learning and memory when they reached old age.

Growth hormone influences growth, metabolism, and the central nervous system. Growth hormone supplements might promote health in people with hormone deficiencies any time during their life.

(ScienceDaily , January 13, 2010)

Does HGH Work?


Growth Hormone (GH) is a hormone that promotes muscle growth as well as fat use.

During the 1980's, as part of the space program, Dr. Linderman from the University of Toledo in Ohio showed that the use of GH promoted muscle hypertrophy better than anything else.

Michael Graham and co-workers from Newman University in Great Britain, in a review of literature, speculated that GH would be effective for preventing muscle loss with aging (sarcopenia). Sarcopenia is a devastating aspect of aging. So what this boiled down just means this.

Reduced muscle mass in the lower body and low levels of muscle strength are linked to 'premature death and an increased risk of diabetes'. These hormones can result in muscle hypertrophy and preventing muscle wasting during aging.(Journal of Exercise Physiology, December 2009

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