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Declining Male Hormones and Coronary Artery Disease

The August 2011 issue of the Journal of Geriatric Cardiology published it's latest findings on the link between andropause (male menopause) and cardiovascular disease.

The cornerstone of their expert review is the coexistence of two phenomena: declining male hormones and the rise of coronary artery disease.

Andropause refers to a generalized decline of male hormones, which have been associated with changes such as depression, loss of libido, sexual dysfunction and body composition or how you look, (per the pictures above)..

Some men may also demonstrate early signs for metabolic de-arrangements-such as metabolic syndrome and vascular dysfunction, i.e. endothelial dysfunction-which defined a little further means this condition where they lack certain hormones… may develop into coronary artery disease, heart attacks and stroke.

"Our scientific expert review article goes beyond an epi-phenomenon, which suggests two conditions occurring at the same time, but not related. The likely causal relationship between low androgen levels and aging, in addition to its association with increased cardiovascular disease, is the hypothesis fueling that expert review," Schwarz said.

According to Schwarz, he has evidenced a viscous cycle in patients who have coronary heart disease with reduced levels of testosterone and other sexual hormones: Aging brings hormonal declines and the development of heart disease-while the heart disease instigates the sexual hormones to decline even more. It is a viscous cycle that you do not want to be a part of.

"Whether replacement of testosterone in these men would be able to prevent the development or worsening of heart diseases is currently unknown. However, numerous studies on men and women with heart failure showed that when treated with androgen therapy (safe hormone creams), they experience better functional capacity than those who aren't undergoing the treatment," Schwarz said.

Per the collaborative scientific review article, the use of androgen replacement therapy in andropausal men may be clinically indicated, and with the appropriate supervision and follow up may prove to be beneficial with regard to preservation of the integrity of cardiovascular health at higher ages. The encouraging news is that restoring testosterone to youthful ranges can easily be accomplished at a minimal cost with the use of these homeopathic creams from West Coast Bio Topical creams. Get yours at: http://www.drkadenantiaging.com today. You'll love it.

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