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(Part II)

Here's Part II. (Part I was given out last week).

Test_and_Pre2.JPGIn 2008, a review of 858 male veterans, followed for FIVE YEARS, divided the men into low, intermediate or normal FREE testosterone levels.

The authors found 158 men in the low testosterone group had an 88% higher risk of death compared to the normal FREE testosterone group (35% death rate vs. 20%).

Another study in 2010 examined 1113 men in the Third Nutritional Health and Nutrition Survey Mortality Study and found the death rate in the lowest testosterone 10 percentile was 50% higher than men in the highest 90 percentile over a 9-year period.

That means testosterone may help. Another study of men with proven coronary disease documented a 21% death rate in those with the lowest free testosterone levels versus a 12% death rate in the normal testosterone group.

Even the normal testosterone group was far from ideal. Virtually 90% of all men over the age of 40 are low in testosterone.

Another increasingly common problem, especially in those who use statin drugs, is congestive heart failure (CHF) and death from heart attack over 7.7 years.

Death from CHF was 38% HIGHER in those men with the lowest testosterone levels. Another study of 191 CHF men, average age 64 documented a death rate of 28% in 2.5 years follow up with more deaths in the lowest testosterone group.

Older men are at an even HIGHER risk of death from lower testosterone levels as found in a Swedish study of 3014 men, averaging around the age of 75 years old. The risk of death from any cause was 96% HIGHER in men with LOW testosterone or LOW estradiol (estrogen) levels when compared to men with higher levels.

I'll continue the final draft of this series next week. That will conclude this three part series on natural testosterone and how it can affect your LIFE. Don't miss the last and final issue next week.

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