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(Part I)


That's a great question and in this short report, I'll give you the answer. Testosterone replacement therapy in MEN (and WOMEN) has been the subject of debate for long time.

The physiological benefits of testosterone are well documented and include IMPROVED muscular strength, more energy, improved libido, and erectile function, improved exercise tolerance and recovery from physical training plus improved insulin sensitivity.

What does that all mean?

On top of all of that, testosterone replacement has been shown to improve your mood and reduce depression in studies going back as far as the 1940's.

So why haven't you heard about this before now? Because no one wanted you to know about this. Here's something about testosterone you probably don't know about. It will help improve your coronary blood flow with a lessening of 'angina pectoris' symptoms. When this happens, it's been found that men with coronary heart disease improve. It has also been found that testosterone improves heart muscle function in those with congestive heart failure, so this is a real plus if you've had any issues in the past with your heart.

One large study of 1,500 men on testosterone replacement for 10+ years found even prostate cancer risk is reduced, just the opposite of what naysayers have been suggesting. With all these improvements in health, it would seem logical to ask, "Will testosterone replacement help me LIVE LONGER?" There is a lot of information that strongly suggests that the answer to that question is YES! (More next week in the second handout.)

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