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Are You Producing Enough… Or Not?

Are_You_Producing.JPG(Don't take the chance.)

The symptoms of low testosterone usually creep up upon you slowly and quietly. 

Because of this, many guys ignore their low testosterone symptoms for months or even years:  they literally get used to feeling lousy and functioning poorly.  But that can be a deadly mistake.

The symptoms of LOW testosterone can also fool a guy… because they are so ubiquitous. 

By that I mean that testosterone affects EVERYTHING in the male.

It affects your brain, your libido, your muscles, your blood - the list goes on and on.

Of course, the number one thing in most guys' mind is how it affects their sex life.  Low testosterone affects both libido and erectile strength to varying degrees and that obviously isn't too good for the ol' sex life.

However, common symptoms also include depression, mental fogginess/fuzziness, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, loss of muscle, increased weight gain, decreased facial hair and a general feeling of not caring about anything.  When you are low on testosterone, you often just don't care about anything - you just "exist".  Pleasure and desire can be greatly decreased greatly affecting your career and your relationships. 

testosterone cream was created to help those who do not produce enough testosterone naturally.

The cream from West Coast is absorbed by your skin and enters your bloodstream.  

This testosterone cream does not contain synthetic testosterone. Testosterone creams have shown that they will help increase testosterone in most cases, so make sure you use the safe and natural testosterone cream from West Coast.  When you use the creams, make sure you wait until the area is completely dry before you dress. This gives you the best bang for your buck and helps you get the testosterone in your body quicker.  You need to wait 2-6 hours from the time of application before showering or swimming. Get these at the front desk or www.drkadenantiaging.com. They can change a man's life and how he functions.

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